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So you have done Processing. So you have had fun with the AdMoVeo robot. Congratulations.

Now it is the time to take a step further, to learn something that is more serious: Object Oriented Programing in Java. So that you can understand what is really going on behind Processing, so that you can do things that Processing can not do, so that you can make your prototypes dance and sing, so that you can make your prototypes dance and sing in a professional manner.

And, so that you can do Object Oriented Design and you can speak the language that the computer scientists and engineers would understand and appreciate.

Entrance Level

Done Creative Programming for Designers.
Or equivalent knowledge and skills.

Learning activities

2 hour lecture every week in the topics of

  • Bye-bye Processing. Hello Objects. (JH)
  • Sharing and Hiding. (PP)
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism. (PP)
  • Swing to GUI. (JH)
  • Distributed computing. (PP)
  • Between Java and Processing. (JH)

1 hour hands-on help every week from the assigners, if needed. (SA)
5+ hours every week for reading and exercises.


Results of the exercises.

The latest description and update are only available at